Thursday, 2 February 2012


I have been waiting for this months glossy box as it was a valentine's special and seeing as the December issue was A-MAZING I couldn't wait. So the box is bright pink and the best thing about the box...THE GLOSSY BOX SWEET! I was expecting to receive more make-up products but this months box was filled with pampering portions of body wash and multi use cleansing oil.

The lovely glossy box sweet! (That I got oh so excited about - Haha)

Fab gentle body wash - (Sample - 56.7g) 
Full size - £10/226.8g 
This claims to be free of irritants such as lanolin, alcohol and phthalates, suitable for sensitive skin. My skin is neither dry nor sensitive so it didn't really appeal to me. I was not too keen on the smell either, I mean it might work for sensitive skin but I personally don't really need it.

Davines Authentic Formulas Moisturizing Balm - (Sample - 75ml)
Full size - £17.40/150ml
98% natural derived ingredient..Well first of all I really can not stand the smell of this product however i like the fact that has multiple uses, so you can use it on your face, hair or body whenever they are in need of that extra lacking moisture. I did use it in the shower, just on the ends of my hair and at first i couldn't really see the difference but when i blow dried my hair it was a lot more softer to touch. Would i repurchase it? Hmm not too sure on that. If it didn't smell the way it did..maybe!

Authentic Formulas Cleansing Nectar (Sample - 90ml)
Full size - £18.25 /280ml

Another multi use product from Davines. It is a hair and body oil shampoo. I washed my hair with this and It made my hair really dry, I had to use my normal shampoo after. 

Eyeko skinny eyeliner
Full size - £9.50 
I have been wanting to try this make for ages and to get a full sized pencil in the glossy box was just worth it all. The colour i was given was this pinkish/white. The picture below shows how it looks, it is useful for using in the inner lash line to make your eyes stand out just like using a white eyeliner. 

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy
Sample size - 5ml
Full size - £29/30ml

So out of the whole box, this was my favorite product. I have recently added primer to my daily make-up routine, the one i use is the L'Oreal Studio secrets. The look I usually like is the dewy glowing skin look and this primer is perfect for that. It is lightweight and sheer. It's not heavy at all and nothing like any of the primers i've tried on which seem to have a thicker texture. This is almost runny and perfect to wear under your foundation if you are aiming for that perfect glowing skin. Definitely going to repurchase. 

So yeah, that is the Valentine's day special box. After the limited edition Christmas special (which looked AMAZING) I think everyone had high hopes for this but it did not really impress me. I would have liked more make up thrown in there but hey it is not bad at all for £12.95. I still would recommend getting a glossy box! It's the excitement to see what products you're going to get each month that i love, and i love trying new stuff.
Hope you guys liked it. I know this is a late post but I wanted to try the products out properly before talking about them. I am also going to Spain tomorrow!!! Barcelona! So EXCITED. 

Let me know what you think about Glossy box and any other beauty boxes you have tried?

Love K, 

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