Saturday, 17 May 2014


So i recently ordered some new brushes as I was in need and I stumbled across Zoeva. I only paid £56 including shipping to the UK which in my opinion is not bad at all for the amount of brushes you receive in the collection and the quality of the brushes.
 The other thing I like is that the handles are quite short which makes it a lot easier to work with them. 

The packaging was also very professional and it came in a brown faux leather clutch. I have explained the packaging further on my first impressions video on youtube here.


106 Powder: I like the size of the brush which is quite big and the bristles are really soft on the face.
102 Silk Finish: This i used to apply my foundation and blend. I like how it's not too stiff which blends the foundation really well and gives the face a flawless finish.
110 Face Shape: So the face shape brush I used for contouring and it worked well with both liquid and powder products. I like to go over with the silk finish to even out the skin and make sure there's no harsh edges.
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek: This is an angled brush which makes it easier to apply the blusher can also be used for light contouring. 
142 Concealer Buffer: This is one of my favourites as its small enough to take the product under the eyes and on the eyelids and also blends really well.


227 Soft Definer: I used this to blend my eyeshadow and i like how its flat topped which makes the blending a lot easier. 
231 Petit Crease: This is perfect for defining the crease and then using the soft definer to blend. I love the small pointed end of this brush.
317 Wing Liner: This can be used for eyeliner with gel liners or to soften the edges it is very precise and if you watch my video on the look i did using these brushes you'll see how i used it to blend my pencil liner. It can also be used for eyebrows. 

Love Kiran x

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